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12 Deadliest Effects of Global Warming

This is not a hidden fact from most of us that global warming is affecting our environment and some serious steps must be taken to reduce it. Gases like carbon dioxide, ozone, water vapor, nitrous oxide are responsible for global warming. Few of us have already started seeing some effects of global warming including ice caps melting and changing weather patterns. Here are 12 effects of global warming that many of us may see in years to come, if some serious steps are not taken to curb it.

1. Melting of glaciers
More global warming means that the earth will go warm and glaciers at high altitude will start to melt. This will increase the sea level and possible can affect wildlife. The rising sea level will enter to our oceans which may take over land and some islands around the world may become extinct.

2. Wildlife extinction
Global warming may lead to more wildfires which may lead to deforestation. The result of this can cause wildlife extinction and some animals may become extinct.

3. Droughts and Heat waves
Although, some parts of the world will get wetter as sea levels will rise while some other parts like Africa will face severe droughts and heat waves. Water, which is already a rare commodity in Africa can aggravate the situation and may lead to conflict and raise tension.

4. Floods
With continuous melting of glaciers, it is predicted that it will raise the sea level which can floods in the areas which are near to sea. People who live along coastal regions will suffer most from this.

5. Wildfires
As global warming keeps on rising, some areas of dry land which are already susceptible to wildfires may cause more frequent fires. As a result, the Carbon dioxide released from smoke will adversely increase the air pollution.

6. Deadly diseases
As our planet goes warm, the risk of diseases affecting mankind will continue to increase. The number of sick people could overwhelm public health services especially in developing countries

7. Migration
It is predicted that few nations see heavy migration activity as some of the densely populated areas many not afford to feed large section of people. Migration activity may lead to conflict and wars as heavily populated places would become uninhabitable due to heat or other factors, displacing millions of people.

8. Changing weather patterns
We have already started seeing this as few areas start receiving rainfall much ahead of time while some of the areas receive prolonged heat. The changes weather pattern may bring droughts, floods and may even create havoc in some regions.

9. Desertification
Many continents including Europe, America and Asia may start feeling growling land crisis. Global warming will make this planet even hotter. Warm planet means that land will become dry and food production will suffer as the available land may not be able to feed everyone.

10. Global population crisis
As few areas will become warm, migration activity will increase. This will lead to population imbalance. Few countries might face huge population increase mainly from developing countries where no steps are being taken to curb global warming.

11. Effect on food supplies
Desertification may affect food supplies. Some part of land will get so warm that it will be almost impossible to grow anything on them. Food production will suffer. Prices of food supplies might increase which gain may lead to conflict and wars.

12. Economic consequences
As the world will start its fight against global warming, this may require large amount of investment due to which other several projects may suffer. Hurricanes and Tsunamis will increase and may cause worldwide destruction of human and property.

No one can deny that if some steps are not taken in time, we all may face some devastating effects of global warming. Being a part of the environment, it’s our responsibility to make sure that it remains healthy so that our future generation can breathe in safe and clean environment.

Source by Rinkesh Kukreja



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