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A Southwest Airlines pilot hangs out of the cockpit window to retrieve a passenger’s phone

The pilot and employees of a Southwest Airlines flight recently went above and beyond to help retrieve a passenger’s cell phone after it was left at the airport.

The incident took place at Long Beach Airport in California. By the time a customer taking a solo flight noticed and informed the crew, boarding had already been completed and the plane was being pushed away, CNN reported.

However, staff on site worked quickly to ensure the phone was safely returned to the owner.

Southwest Airlines took to Twitter to share the story of their staff’s kindness, writing: “When our staff at @LGBairport noticed a customer’s phone left in the gate area after a flight that had already been boarded and moved away from the gate, they did not hesitate. #WorldKindnessDay”

In a video shared by the airline, a pilot can be seen hanging from the plane’s cockpit window to retrieve a phone that one of his passengers accidentally left behind. The plane had already left the gate at Long Beach Airport in California when the incident occurred.

The eight-second video shows the pilot hanging by his arm and upper body outside the cockpit window as a crew member tries to hand him the phone. After the first attempt fails, another crew member takes up the task and jumps even higher to pass the device.

The video was released to mark World Kindness Day, an international holiday created to promote kindness around the world, along with a message with the hashtag #WorldKindnessDay. However, it was not clear when the video was shot.



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