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A Turkish Airlines flight made an emergency landing after a drunken passenger bit an operator’s finger

In a shocking incident, a Turkish Airlines flight to Jakarta was forced to make an emergency landing after a drunken passenger argued with flight attendants and bit a staff member’s finger.

The incident occurred on a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to Jakarta on Wednesday.

A video of the incident posted on social media shows a man hitting a crew member with plastic handcuffs.

Other flight attendants were seen rushing inside to ease the chaos.

One of the flight attendants was also seen kicking a passenger amid the commotion.

The plane, which was supposed to arrive in Jakarta, was forced to divert to Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.

According to media reports, the passenger, identified as an Indonesian citizen and pilot of another carrier, was drunk and bit the flight attendant’s finger.

Flight attendants warned him to calm down, but this only further agitated him, leading to him biting the finger of one of the crew members on board.

Turkish Airlines has reportedly said that the actions of its employees in no way reflect the company’s values.

Additionally, according to Indonesian media, a Jakarta police spokesman reported that the man who started the fight was restrained and escorted off the plane and received medical treatment at a medical facility at Kuala Namu Airport.

The incident is being investigated by the Deli Serdang police, which operates in the Medan area.



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