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Air India beats IndiGo to become India’s top ‘on-time’ airline

Air India has beaten IndiGo for the third consecutive month as India’s best “on-time” airline. Since its takeover, the Tata Group has identified Air India as a primary target for improving on-time performance (OTP), according to a report in the Economic Times (ET). Being punctual has been one of IndiGo’s brand strategies.

In September, 87.1 percent of Air India’s flights were on time, compared to IndiGo’s 84.1 percent. In June, it was 83.1 and 84.5 percent, the report added.

“We have invested in IT systems to improve the predictive maintenance capability of aircraft. We want to ensure that the right systems are in place to track aircraft turnaround times. There is no magic bullet. We need to ensure that all systems are working perfectly.” ” Air India CEO Campbell Wilson told ET.

IndiGo has also reportedly asked its cabin crew to make some drastic changes to flight controls to improve performance. One of the instructions is to close the cabin door within 60 seconds of the last passenger entering the plane.

“After announcing that the last passenger is on board, the cabin door will close within 60 seconds. The passenger can still settle in the cabin,” said a circular distributed by the airline.

It also stated that the doors must be closed 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

“One of the measures to improve on-time fulfillment is to ensure that the doors close 15 minutes before the departure time for all departures,” he added.

Furthermore, the company asked pilots to arrive at the airport at least 75 minutes before the scheduled departure of their flights. Must be on the plane 35 minutes before departure.

IndiGo has also increased the pace of hiring ground staff who were laid off during the Covid-19 pandemic.



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