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Air Vistara faces further backlash over hygiene concerns

Air Vistara has faced backlash from passengers over the past two days due to hygiene issues. It used to be a cockroach in the packaged food served by Vistara Airlines, now it’s an insect on a plane.

DJ Nikhil Chinapa shared a short clip of an insect crawling in his Vistara flight on his official Twitter account. It came minutes after he blasted the airline for repeatedly sending him “spam” messages about booking a sanitized taxi.

Prior to this video, Chinapa had also hit out at Vistara Airlines for constantly invading his privacy by sending him “spam” messages to use the disinfected taxi facilities.

“Dear @airvistara, please STOP! I do not want to book a taxi and I have NOT chosen to have you constantly and repeatedly violate my privacy by spamming me. #vistara,” he tweeted with a picture of the message sent by the carrier.

After these two incidents, Vistara responded to DJ Chinapa’s tweets and apologized for the inconvenience he faced during his air travel.

“Hi Nikhil, we make constant efforts to keep the cabin clean at all times. We apologize for the inconvenience and have passed this internally for immediate review. We also informed the same in your DM. ~Team Vistara,” the airline responded to his tweets.



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