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AirAsia India plane fairing panel found missing; DGCA orders probe

The aviation authority DGCA is investigating the incident where a fairing panel was found missing from the wing of an AirAsia plane that landed at the Mumbai airport on Monday, according to a senior official. The plane with 143 passengers landed from Bengaluru.

In aviation parlance, the fairing of an aircraft is a structure whose primary function is to create a smooth contour and reduce air resistance.

“AirAsia India flight i5-612 from Bengaluru to Mumbai reported that part of the fairing was missing during flight inspection,” the airline said in a statement on Tuesday.

The panel was not a load-bearing element of the aircraft’s structure, she added.

A senior DGCA official said the matter is being investigated by the regulator.

The airline also said the necessary checks had been carried out. The panel was replaced and the aircraft was cleared for service, he added.



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