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Airline Passenger Complaints and Possible Solutions

If you are a frequent traveler (heck even occasional), chances are you have heard of all kinds of airline passengers complaints here and there. The airport is one of the best places to hear passengers venting about airline issues. That is why it is very important to pick the right airline company to fly with! You do have options you know (well, sometimes).

Airlines are increasing becoming aloof to customer needs and service standards are suffering amidst a declining market share. It is a tough industry to be in there is no doubt about that. It is just sad that service is affected as a result. This usually results in airline passenger complaints. The volume has increased steadily over the years if you look at the stats. Yes, there are a lot of airline issues and many airline passengers have them. But do they actually act on it?

There are several types of airline passenger complaints that the average airline company is receiving today, some so minor and some quite severe. These travel complaints need to be resolved by the airline company at some point. You would think at least right? Otherwise, how are these companies to get back the trust of their passengers? Do they even care? Those are all questions for a whole new discussion.

In practicality, a lot of these complaints to airlines are about lost or damaged bags, difficulties concerning reservation and ticketing, discrimination or mishap during your voyage, airline grievance, fair compensation, cancellation of flights due to some airline issues, accidental bumps, not obtaining proper compensation, difficulties with pets, not honoring requests, and not getting the right mileage for the flight. That is a wide variety. Where do you fall?

In order for the airline company to take notice of your airline passenger complaints, you need to send a well articulated and detailed complaint letter with solid facts that warrant attention and action. This airline complaint letter should contain all of your concerns and suggestions. Consequently, you need to create a letter that has good insight.

Consider the following factors:

o Go over your concern – why you are complaining

o Think about the specific circumstance that had caused you the trouble, such as the people and the department

o Suggest some solutions – what are you expecting from the airline o Include any and all details – be very specific (for example, not the name of the rep you spoke to, their ID number, time and date you spoke, subject of discussion matter, etc.)

The good thing about this approach is that if the airlines ignore you or do not compensate you fairly, then you can take the same material you have already prepared and file a formal airline complaint in small claims court. The Sue the Airline guide is a detailed, practical guide that helps you do exactly this, without having to hire expensive lawyers. If you have twenty bucks to spare, consider your problems solved, whether you are asking for $10 or $10,000.

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