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Airline staff mishear `ballast’ as `explosion’, creating airport security panic.

The act of an airline employee mistaking the word “ballast” for “explosion” sparked a security scare at the Raja Bhoj International Airport and prompted an alert at the facility, officials said on Friday.
The incident occurred Thursday morning, airport officials said.
In a statement, the airport authorities said: “At 0925 hours, the Indigo ticketing counter received a call regarding a load on Agra-bound flight 6E-7931, which was mistaken by IndiGo staff as an explosion. The BATC (Bomb Threat Assessment Committee) was called and after the analysis of the facts declared the call to be non-specific.”
Acting Airport Director Amrit Minj said that when the emergency was declared at the airport, all security systems were activated. “Unfortunately, a speeding vehicle was driving over the tire guards when the disinfectants emergency switch activated and blocked the vehicle.”
“The airport management regrets the inconvenience and damage caused as a result of this unfortunate incident,” he said.
Ballast, meaning extra weight, is a term used by airlines to add cargo to an aircraft in the event that it did not have sufficient passenger load during the flight to maintain balance in the air.
Airport officials said Friday that because the employee had recently joined, she was unable to distinguish between the terms ballast and explosion, leading to confusion. He took the call from Gurgaon, he said.
“Although ballast is a widely used term in aviation and railway, it is difficult for a fresher or a common person to understand the difference between the two,” he said.
No action has yet been taken in this matter.



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