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Akasa Air is exploring overnight parking slots for the fleet at non-metro airports

Akasa Air, India’s youngest airline, is considering overnight parking options for its fleet at non-metro airports, an airline official said. It currently operates five aircraft and parks its aircraft at Mumbai and Bengaluru airports. “We are evaluating options to base our aircraft and are looking at tier 2 and 3 cities and have announced flights to Guwahati and Agartala.” In addition, we will explore parking options for our aircraft. It doesn’t matter whether they are tier 2, tier 3 or tier 4 cities. If we see the potential, we will do what is economically right for the airline,” he said. Akasa operates 36 flights a day and is expected to increase the number to 44 by the end of October after introducing one more aircraft. It will introduce one aircraft every 15 days and expects to have a fleet of 20 aircraft by May 2023.

The airline has ordered 72 Boeing 737-800 MAX aircraft, which will be delivered over five years. The low-cost airline, backed by the late billionaire investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, took to the skies on August 7. it flies to Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Kochi, Chennai, Agartala and Guwahati. “At the speed our planes are coming in, we have to work on economies of scale. The moment you get 7-8 aircraft, you start reaping the benefits of economies of scale,” the official said. “The growth story is India and it is not limited to a particular city. It is always important that an airline, when it starts operations in any part of the world, has long-term interests in mind, especially when it comes to the speed of adding aircraft,” he said. More and more airlines are trying to park their fleet. overnight stays at non-metro airports as slots at metro airports are expensive and limited, industry experts said. This is especially true with regard to metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai because parking spaces are very expensive and also because almost all the spaces have been taken. According to the expert, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get a place to park overnight.

However, airlines want to park in metro cities as it leads to revenue generation opportunities as the demand for morning flights from metro cities is much higher, he said.



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