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Akasa Air will allow passengers to bring pets on board

The second airline in India after Air India to allow pets
Akasa Air will now be the second Indian carrier to allow passengers to bring pets on board their flights.

The airline will allow “pet dogs and cats” in the passenger cabin as well as in the cargo hold. However, after check-in at the airport, only small pets up to 7 kg can be taken into the passenger cabin. Heavier animals weighing more than seven kg and up to 100 kg will go into the cargo area.

The airline will start booking pets from 15 October for flights from 1 November onwards. The weight limit includes the weight of the vented container used to transport them.

“This is Phase 1 of our launch and you will gradually see us improve our pet policy,” said Praveen Iyer, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Akasa Air.

The airline has also partnered with the NGO Umeed for Animals Foundation to incorporate best practices for animal transportation and help pet parents and pets prepare for air travel.

Air India allows up to two pets on board. These include dogs, cats and birds. However, they cannot be heavier than five kg. Pets must be muzzled and on a leash. Airlines also often charge excess baggage fees for transporting pets, but some, such as Air India, waive the fee for service dogs used by differently-abled passengers. Service dogs do not need to be kenneled and can also guide passengers with impaired vision and hearing. SpiceJet’s cargo arm called SpiceXpress also carries pets as cargo.

The conditions of carriage are in accordance with the worldwide standard for the carriage of live animals by commercial animals known as the Live Animals Regulations, developed by the International Air Transport Association.



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