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All 72 Dead in Crash of Yeti Airline after Nose Diving : French Expert Team Begins Probe

Yeti Airline aircraft with 68 passengers and four crew members on board crashed in Nepal crashed about 20 minutes after it took off from the Kathmandu airport for Pokhara which is barely a few kilometers away from the destination. According to civil aviation authority of Nepal all 68 people have been reported Dead from the yeti Airlines 9 in ANC aircraft six children including three infants were on board the aircraft due to the nature of the damage only five bodies have been identified so far and the rest are to be ascertained as there were 72 people on board rescue authorities are now searching for these in the adjoining River DNA of the bodies will be sent for identification to a Kathmandu labs.

Soon after the crash was reported the Kathmandu airport was flooded with relatives of the passengers on board Nepal prime minister also rushed to the airport he further said that the plane was flying from the capital Kathmandu to Pokhra. Foreign spokespersons say the plane crashed between the old and the new popular airports in central Nepal, the wreckage immediately caught fire and rescue workers were rushed to the site. Passengers included five Indians four Russians two South Koreans and one each from Ireland Australia Argentina and France eyewitnesses videos show the plane flying dangerously close to the surface and drifting to the left before the Fateful accident took place.

Nepal’s cabinet meanwhile has called in an emergency meet in the wake of the crash meanwhile a five-member committee has been formed to probe the incident also Nepal has declared one day National morning on Monday and declared it as a holiday Nepal’s air industry has boomed in recent years carrying goods and people between hard to reach areas it has nonetheless been plagued by poor safety due to insufficient training and maintenance the European Union has already banned all Nepali carriers from its airspace over safety concerns the crash is Nepal’s deadliest since March of 2018 when a U.S Bangladesh ate turbo prop flight from Dakar crashed on Landing.



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