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American jailed for 4 weeks for slapping Singapore Airlines crew member

An American whose bomb hoax on a commercial flight prompted Singapore to scrambling for fighter jets was sentenced to four weeks in jail today after a court found him guilty of grievous bodily harm by punching a member of the cabin crew.
Authorities dropped charges against La Andy Hien Duc over his false bomb warning he made on a Singapore Airlines flight from San Francisco on September 28, after considering an expert evaluation of his mental health.

Duc, 37, who appeared in court via video link, admitted slapping a cabin crew member when he tried to restrain him.

According to his lawyer Johannes Hadi, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

The court heard Duc recalled hearing a voice in his head telling him there was a bomb on the plane and shouting it to alert others.

Fighter jets had to accompany the plane to Singapore.

“His delusional beliefs, auditory hallucinations and also a psychotic thought disorder contributed greatly to his offending behaviour,” the judge said at the sentencing hearing.

The jail term was backdated to his arrest, and Duc will be released on Friday and return to the United States.



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