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Choices After Opting for an AME Career in the Mechanical Stream

The AME mechanical stream is an older branch which is extremely broad and diverse. The career in such a stream is not only related to design but responsible for maintaining, testing, and manufacturing as well. The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Course is a three-year programme where the aspirants have to learn the programme that is issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. Moreover, these Aircraft Maintenance Engineering courses are pursued by the institutes that are approved by DGCA.

The career as an AME mechanical stream is rewarding and focus. Once entered there, the aspirants would get an opportunity to avail the boundless opportunity.

An aircraft mechanic is responsible for replacing, repairing and maintaining the aircraft components and parts. Not only this, he or she is also capable of doing maintenance and functional checks on numerous aircraft maintenance. They can easily check pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems, and electrical systems.

What are the Job Opportunities after AME in the Mechanical stream?

There are many career choices once complete a mechanical stream in AME. Some of the job opportunities include engineers in:

  • Airlines

  • Air Force

  • Aviation Companies

  • Helicopter Companies

  • Corporate Research Companies

  • Defence Ministry

  • Flying clubs/academies

  • Private airlines

  • Aviation corporations

  • Engineering division of aviation sector

  • Aircraft manufacturing firms

  • Aeronautical Development Establishment

  • NASA and many others.

The hiking up air travel and space exploration demands expert to maintain and repair aircraft. The increasing height of this industry increases the demand for AME Colleges.

Aerospace Engineering demand has been increasing immensely in existence. Some of the top companies offering the job opportunity include Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Air India, India Space Research Organization (ISRO), Civil Aviation Department, and Defense Research and Development Laboratories (DRDO).

What is job description expected from an AME mechanical engineer?

The job description expected from the AME mechanical engineer includes design, research, repair, and maintenance of spacecraft, and aircraft. Moreover, the following duties are expected:

  • Assembling and analyzing test data.

  • Analyzing the project cost and timescales.

  • Indulging in ground-level flight testing

  • Thorough look at all parts which needs regular repair

What are salary expectations?

Once done an AME mechanical course from the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in Delhi, the aspirants will be eligible to earn INR 40000-50000 a month as their starting salary. The maximum salary expected in this field ranges from 15-20 lac per annum.

If you are interested to keep aircraft in a safe condition while flying, you may indulge in the AME mechanical stream.

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