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ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES BOEING 787 Suffers Tail Strike in Congo

On October 6, an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787 suffered a crash while landing at Lubumbashi Airport in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787-9 registration ET-AYC was operating flight ET877 from Lilongwe to Lubumbashi. Before landing safely, the crew performed a fly-by and continued their approach. However, while landing on Lubumbashi runway 07, the aircraft struck the runway with its tail.

However, it is unclear whether the tail strike occurred during the first or second landing attempt. No one was injured in the incident, but the aircraft sustained significant structural damage.

Footage shared on social media shows significant damage to the plane. Despite the damage, the aircraft taxied without further incident. At the time of occurrence Lubumbashi had a temperature of 32°C, an easterly wind of 12 knots, no gusts and no precipitation.

The Dreamliner remained on the ground in Lubumbashi for about 24 hours before being placed back at the airline’s headquarters at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa.

The aircraft was flown depressurized to Addis Ababa as Flight ET9201 the day after the October 7 incident. It climbed to a maximum of FL130, so pressurization was not necessary.

An investigation is likely to be launched as to why the plane hit its tail on landing.



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