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Female pilot sues Southwest Airlines after male captain strips naked in cockpit

A Southwest Airlines pilot based in the United States is suing the airline after her company allegedly failed to take action against her former colleague over an indecent incident in the cockpit. According to a report on Aerotime, the male captain of the said airline stripped inside the cockpit of the plane mid-air while a female pilot was also present inside. Pilot Christine Janning claims that after she reported her co-pilot Michael Haak’s behavior to the company and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the airline grounded her while Haak continued to work despite his alleged history of sex life. misconduct, according to AP News.
The incident occurred in August 2020 during a passenger flight from Philadelphia (PHL) to Florida (MCO). According to Janning, Haak told her it was his last flight and he wanted to do something before he retired.
With that statement he locked the cockpit door and stripped. He started watching pornography on his laptop while taking photos and videos. Although he didn’t say or do anything with Janning.
Janning reported Haak to the FBI three months after the incident, and after an investigation, Haak pleaded guilty to a federal misdemeanor in May 2021. However, it later emerged that this was not Haak’s last flight with the airline. A US court sentenced Haak to a year’s probation and a $5,000 fine.
According to Janning, when she reported the matter to airline management, she was informed that because the captain had retired, the airline’s investigation was closed. She then went to the FBI, who charged the captain.

She was grounded for more than three months and required to complete simulator training before being cleared to return to active duty. She also claims that the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association, a union conspired with Southwest Airlines and did nothing to support her.



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