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Flight Attendant Requirements – Exceeding The Threshold

Knowing the flight attendant requirements is fine; the ability to exceed those requirements may be the difference between landing your dream job, or being reduced to dreaming about what could have been. Every job displays the basic requirements for employment. However, that does not insinuate that it is the basic requirements they are seeking. The basic requirements are the requirements you have to meet at the very least.

Here is the thing; you never want to just pursue the basic requirements. You want to exceed those expectations and ensure that you stand out above the competition. Those individuals in the world, who never settle for less, are willing to go the extra mile, and have a desire to provide more than 100% in everything they do, are typically the most successful.

The basic requirements for education are a high school diploma for most airlines. If you have a high school education you qualify. Does that mean you should simply apply for a job with your high school education and take your chances? You can; but if you want to put your best foot forward, you could attend school, earn a degree or certificate and exceed the basic educational requirements.

Some of the flight attendant requirements are truly basic and you cannot do much about it. For example, most airlines require you to be at least 18 years of age and sometimes that is extended to 21. However, another area where you can exceed expectations is with customer service experience. Most airlines would like to see some proven customer service experience so why not gain impressive amounts that will highlight your application. These are areas where you can separate yourself from the competition.

Most airlines also expect applicants to have 20/30 eyesight with corrective lenses. In addition, many airlines even expect certain height requirements so that you can easily reach the various compartments throughout the aircraft. Flight attendants must also become FAA certified once they are hired. Some requirements may vary from airline to airline but if you dedicate yourself to exceeding the flight attendant requirements; you will increase your odds of becoming a happy flight attendant.

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