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GoFIRST will deploy fewer flights this winter

Wadia Group-backed GoFIRST has reduced the number of flights for the upcoming winter schedule compared to the previous year.

According to the winter flight schedule published by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the airline has been approved to operate 1,390 departures per week, a 40% decrease from the 2021 winter schedule. DGCA has approved GoFIRST to operate 2,290 departures per week in the 2021 winter schedule.
Civil aviation regulator DGCA approves flight departures for airlines in India twice a year under summer and winter flight schedules. The number of approved flights depends on the number of departures requested by the airline.

An airline may or may not operate 100% of its authorized departures, but airlines may lose a route if they do not establish a minimum of 80% route compliance over a one-year or two-season period.
Figures from the DGCA indicate that GoFIRST operated more than 1,500 flights per week last winter, while it was approved to operate 2,290 flights. However, in the upcoming winter schedule, the airline has requested to operate 1,390 departures, which is even less than its actual operation last winter.
The airline on Friday launched its 54A320neo after almost 1.5 months.

“As supply issues are holding back engine and aircraft deliveries, the airline may have kept this constraint in mind when it decided on a leaner flight schedule for the winter. Over 20 aircraft were grounded due to engine shortages until recently,” the analyst said.



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