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Interesting Facts About Supermodels!


United States

Did you know – America’s Christie Brinkley ,an admirer of France’s former leader Charles de Gaulle, was one of the best-known supermodels of the twentieth century. According to manager John Casablancas “she was a flower-child type. A cute doll of a girl, too fragile to be sexy”. The Los Angeles-born Brinkley had worked with some of the most recognized model agencies, including Eileen Ford and Elite Model Management. She also appeared in the video for Billy Joel’s hit single “Uptown Girl” in 1983.

Bangladesh (Asia)

Did you know – Bibi Russell put Bangladesh, an obscure English-speaking country in Asia, on the map when she became one of the world’s elite supermodels in the 1970s. Like Irene Khan, Sheik Hassina Wajed and Muhammad Yunus, Russell is a national symbol of Bangladesh, one of the poorest nations on Earth.

Mexico (Latin America)

Did you know- Mexico’s 26-year-old Elsa Benitez, the country’s most beautiful girl since Maria “La Doña” Felix, was one of the 12 celebrities selected to be judge for the 2004 Miss Universe in Quito, Ecuador, along with Olympic-winning athlete Jefferson Perez and Cuban-American producer Emilio Estefan. Miss Benitez, stands 1,80 tall, hails from Hermosillo, Sonora.

United States

Did you know – You asked people today to name a beautiful woman, most of them would mention someone like Tyra Banks. Enormously popular in the Americas, Europe, Japan and China, Banks, at 1,78m, is considered one of the greatest supermodels of all times. Without a doubt, she is famous for her elegance and unique personality. Banks has modeled for top fashion designers, among them Donna Karan, Isaac Mizrahi, Rifat Ozbek, Oscar de la Renta, Tommy Hilfiger and a host of others. In addition, she has appeared in major films such as “Higher Learning” (1995), Coyote Ugly” (2000), “Halloween Resurrection” (2003) and “Hannah Montana: The Movie” (2009). Like Flo Hyman, one of the world’s best volleyball players in the 20th century, Tyra Banks was born in Inglewood, CA.

Argentina (South America)

Did you know- Valeria Mazza, a tall blonde and blue-eyed model, was born in Argentina, a beauty-obsessed nation in the Americas. Since then, she is one of Argentina’s most famous women, along with Eva Duarte de Perón (former First Lady), Paloma Herrera (dancer), Norma Leandro (actress), and Jeanette Campbell (who won silver at the Berlin 1936 Olympics). Since 2000, Mazza occasionally appeared in commercials in her native country and other Latin American nations.

Denmark (Europe)

Did you know- In July 1986, Helena Christensen, at that time Miss Denmark, wore a traditional peasant dress during the opening ceremony in the Miss Universe Pageant 1986 in the Central American nation of Panama. However, she, of Copenhagen, did not impress the distinguished panel of judges that included Don Correia (Broadway actor) and Jose Quintero (Panamanian theatre director), as well as Paloma San Basilio (Spain’s singer) and Shawn Weatherly (Miss South Carolina, Miss USA and Miss Universe 1980). Unlike Monica Urbina (Colombia’s delegate), Christy Fichtner (America’s contestant), Susanna Huckstep (Miss Italy & Miss Photogenic Universe) and Barbara Palacios (Miss South America and Miss Venezuela), Christensen was not a pre-pageant favorite in the Miss Universe Contest. In the Swimsuit Competition, she had 7.420 points, behind Zaire/DR of the Congo (8.210), Reunion (8.110), Paraguay (7.780), and Miss Guatemala (7.560).

Germany (Europe)

Did you know – In the early 1990s, Germany’s Claudia Schiffer, of Rheinbach, arrived in Lima, Peru for an official visit. She was one of the most famous European models of the twentieth century.

Sudan (Africa)

Did you know- In late 1990s, Sudan’s refugee Alek Wek, a statuesque black woman, shocked the world when she became a professional model in the United Kingdom and the US. She was one of the 420,000 refugees who fled Sudan in the past century. As many Sudaneses,among them Lopez Lamong (today a U.S. athlete) and Macharia Yuot (sportswoman), miss Wek escaped from her country, a Sub-Saharan African nation devastated by civil wars, AIDS, poverty, genocide, famines and pro-terrorist warlords (indeed, no other African state has suffered so many tragedies). Without a doubt, she is currently an inspiration for women/refugees in the Third World, including her homeland where there are any number of women/children living under slavery conditions. In addition, this girl is not only one of Africa’s most successful fashion models but also an African symbol. Over the last years, Sudan’s spectacular model Wek backep up a host of non-profit organizations, including Amnesty International and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). On the other hand, unfortunately, she is a persona non grata by the Sudanese rule, one of the world’s most brutal regimes, alongside other tyrannies like Cuba, Burma, and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

United Kingdom

Did you know- London is the birthplace of Naomi Campbell, the Britain’s top supermodel. Miss Campbell is also one of the most beautiful blacks of the world. Apart from that, she has a career as a television host and actress.

India (Asia)

Did you know- During her brief but meteoric career as a professional model , India’s Aishwarya Rai, now a successful actress in Bollywood, captured the hearts of critics and public alike. She was one of the world’s top supermodels in the late 1990s.

Brazil (South America)

Did you know- It is practically impossible to talk about supermodels without mentioning Gisele Bundchen. Brazil’s Bundchen, a blue-eyed blonde, is one of the highest-paid supermodels of the world. Since then, she is the new idol of the Brazilian people.

Somalia (Africa)

Did you know- Iman was one of the world’s most successful black models. She, a fluent English speaker, was plucked out of Africa to work as a fashion model in New York City in the late 1970s. The five-foot-eight beauty from Somalia has been married to David Bowie, the rock star and actor since 1992. In that year, she returned to Somalia, a war-torn country on the African mainland, as a heroine of the people. Iman once said about her nation: “My whole nation is graceful. Nobody has to tell us how to walk or how to stand. We have an air, a dignity: whatever happens, you keep your head up. It comes off as secure, but it isn’t. It’s like a duck gliding on water. Under the surface, where nobody can see, its feet are churning”. She has appeared in numerous movies and music videos.


Did you know – Few stars had had careers as varied as Margaux Hemingway. In addition to being considered one of the most highly paid supermodels of the world (she was known for her 1975 $1 million contract with Fabergé), miss Hemingway was an actress. In the 1970s, she was a prominent jet-set celebrity.

Venezuela (Latin America)

Did you know – Venezuela has produced several beauties, from Albany Josefina Lozada and Martina Thorogood Heemsen to Maria Milagros Veliz ,but Patricia Velasquez, who is half Indigenous, is a special case. Before being selected as a model, she, backed up by fashion designer Mayela Camacho, participated at the 1989 Miss Venezuela, where was one of the runner-ups. In the early 1990s, she left Caracas for Europe, where she impressed her managers with her Indigenous beauty, and soon after became one of the most popular international models. Like Cathy Freeman, Evonne Goolagong, Jim Thorpe and Rigoberta Menchu, she is a symbol of Indigenous pride. In recent years, Velasquez has been involved in efforts to save the Indigenous population in Latin America. She hails from Maracaibo, in the north of Venezuela.

Australia (Oceania)

Did you know- Elle MacPherson has been the best Australian model of all times.

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