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Ireland’s Flagship Carrier Aer Lingus Makes 2 Unexpected Landings In Connecticut


An Aer Lingus Airbus A330 bound for Boston Logan Airport found itself making two landings at Bradley International
Airport in Connecticut on August 95h. In a series of unfortunate events, the first landing was the result of the flight encountering severe weather, while the second time was due to an engine fire, necessitating the second unplanned landing. Let’s look at this pair of incidents…

As spotted by Aerotime, Aer Lingus flight EI133 on Tuesday, 9th August, ended up making an unexpected landing
115 miles from its destination, twice. The flight started off rocky, departing Dublin Airport at 13:35 local time, a full two hours after its scheduled departure. From there, it was smooth sailing over the Atlantic, with the A330-300 nearing the East Coast at around 14:40 local time.

However, air traffic control in Boston made the decision to divert the flight to nearby Bradley International Airport due to severe weather in the area. The flight landed at Bradley at 15:41 local time and waited there until it could carry on to Boston. EI133 took off once more an hour later, at 16:54 local time. But things went sideways yet again… Minutes into the flight, the right engine suffered a compressor stall, with the crew quickly getting stall messages. Outside, residents captured images of the low-flying aircraft’s engine on fire, with EI-133 quickly declaring an emergency and landing back at bradley at 17:05.

In a statement, an Aer Lingus spokesperson said, “While continuing its journey from Bradley to Boston the aircraft suffered a technical issue and was required to turn back shortly after take-off. The aircraft, with 309 customers on board, landed safely at Bradley airport at 17:27 local time, and as per normal procedures was met by emergency services as a precaution upon arrival. All customers and crew disembarked safely.”

Aer Lingus’ chaotic flight was flown by an Airbus A330-300, registered EI-FNG. The aircraft was delivered new to the Irish carrier in August 2016, putting it at six years old. The airline has a total of 12 A330-300s, with the oldest of these being 15 and the youngest at just two years. The aircraft still remains on the ground at Bradley, nearly two weeks after the incidents. The jet will undoubtedly require a check by maintenance teams and potentially a whole new engine before it can make its way back to service in Dublin.

The aircraft is powered by two General Electric CF6 engines. While August 9th’s engine issue is relatively rare, the US has well-laid procedures to deal with inclement weather, mainly through ground stops and diversion. Following four hours of delays on the flight, all passengers on EI133 will be glad to have finally reached their Boston destination.

Has your flight ever been diverted or made an emergency landing for another issue? Let us know your experience in the comments!



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