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More Than 30 Vacancies Waiting for Jobs in Gulf

The accessibility of jobs in Gulf across all industries such as manufacturing and production, oil and gas, travel and tourism, healthcare and nursing, hospitality and aviation and many others. Careers in manufacturing and production units are increasing and by increasing the demand of product also increases the professionals and experts in the fields to hire.

According to the city of Bahrain, Bahrain is the hub of Gulf in manufacturing sector. An industrial project such as the Bahrain Investment Wharf (BIW), Bahrain International Investment Park (BIIP) and Hidd Industrial Area has grows over $7.7 billion.

The new project of Gulf Steel to foster steel production will brings a great enhance to the Gulf regions. According to the experts this project will increase the production capacity to 250 percent. And by Gulf steel will add 400,000 TPA (Tonnes Per Annum) to its existing productions. Gulf steel is the subsidiary of Al-Nasser Industrial Enterprises L.L.C. (ANIE) which is also launching a new project of steel rolling at Musaffah. By which the manufacturing capacity will expand to 550,000 TPA. ANIE is also hiring more than 200 employees for their upcoming projects.

In the field of manufacturing and productions, the jobs in Gulf are as follows:

· Senior Production Manager

· Production Manager

· Plant Manger

· Process Manager

· Warehouse Manager

· Technical Development Manager

· Creative Senior Manager

· Automation Engineering Manager

· Production Supervisor

· Floor Supervisor

· Production Foreman

· Production Controller

· Senior Production Engineer

· Production Performance Engineer

· Support Engineer

· Industrial Engineer

· Electrical Engineer

· Measurement Engineer

· New Services Development Engineer

· Process Engineer

· Chemical/ Petrochemical Engineer

· Civil Engineer

· Processing Engineer

· Production Technician

· Production & Q.C. Superintendent

· Assistant Planner

· Assistant Area Coordinator

· Printing Operator

· Field Operator

· Panel Operator

· Locomotive

· Shift Superintendent

· CNC Programmers

· ITI Mechanic

· Quarry Engineer and plenty of others

If you want a job in Gulf countries, you must have networking skills just make friends and increase your contacts which helps you as reference for Gulf employers. Resume is another more important sword for the candidates which meet the requirements of Gulf arena. So first make a professional CV for jobs in Gulf. You can also search production and manufacturing jobs in gulf on newspapers or on job portals like

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