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Mysteriously Passenger Reached Udaipur via Indigo

A passenger bound to fly from Delhi to Patna reached Udaipur by mistake or by series of mistakes.

On Jan. 30, a passenger names Ansar Hussian was set to fly from Delhi T1 to Patna on Indigo’s 6E214, as boarding was not via aerobridges but with coaches and right from the gate he got his card scanned and exited the terminal to board the coach. Here Afsar boarded a wrong coach which was for passengers flying to Udaipur on Indigo’s 6E319.

The mechanical stub-retention that happens at the base of the ramp of the aircraft failed to detect that Afsar was boarding on wrong flight. When the flight landed, he found out that he has landed in Udaipur instead of Patna and discussed with Airline about this incidence.

Later the Airline brought him back to Delhi and arranged an alternative flight to Patna on 31’st Jan. This is one of its kind and rarest of rare incident which happened. DGCE has sought for an detailed report from Indigo regarding this incident.



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