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Netflix Documentary Reveals Shocking Facts about Flight MH370


As of today, 8’th March, 2023 marks 9 years of Missing Plane of Malaysian Airline MH 370. Till date Flight MH370 stays aviation’s mysterious story. “Good night, Malaysia 370,” were the last words from Flight MH370 carrying 239 peoples on board.

The flight had vanished without a trace and to this day, what actually happened in air remains mystery with many theories of what could possibly happened with Flight MH370

Netflix docuseries reveals Russian Interference ,

Wise, a former member of the Independent Group, has another working theory on the whereabouts of MH370 — but it sounds closer to the plot of a James Bond movie than anything else.

A few months after the flight was lost, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, another 777, was shot down by a surface-to-air missile over the Ukraine at the same time Russia was invading nearby Crimea.

Checking flight logs, Wise observed that there were three Russian passengers on board MH370 — all of whom were seated near an electrical hatch. He theorized that two of the three created a diversion while the other member snuck below deck to remotely control the plane’s flight.

Instead of it being sent south, Wise theorizes it was brought to the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan.

But that theory was quickly grounded.

“Anyone who gets into the hatch can disable the transponder and disable the communications systems,” Sharuji says. “But it is impossible to fly the aircraft from the avionics compartment.”

Colleagues of Wise also were quick to debunk the idea.

“[The group is] absolutely certain that the plane turned south and not north. It was surprising that Jeff decided to take off on this route,” says Exner.

Wise’s conjectures ended with his removal from the Independent Group.

Is Malaysian & Australian Govt Hiding ?

According to some independent searchers and aviation journalists, the data provided by INMARSAT was tampered on purpose to misguide the search operation and the flaperon which year later claimed to be a part of flight MH370 confirmed my Malaysian & Australian Govt wasn’t actually the part of flight MH370 as out of 15 different serial numbers found on flaperon only one serial number matched despite of the facts Malaysian & Australian Govt declared the flaperon as part of flight MH370

We will cover the rest in next part.



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