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Passenger tweets about cockroaches in food, Air Vistara responds

Air Vistara immediately responded to the passenger’s complaint and asked for more details. Mr. Solanki tweeted a photo of his boarding pass.

An Air Vistara passenger shared on the microblogging platform Twitter on Friday that he found a cockroach in his packed food during the flight. Nikul Solanki, a passenger, tweeted that there was a “small cockroach” in the Air Vistara food.

Mr. Solanki uploaded two pictures of the dinner he had on the way along with a caption. Idli sambhar and upma are shown on a plate in one picture. A dead cockroach inside the food is shown in the second zoomed-in photo.

Ten minutes after the tweet, an Air Vistara official responded to the complaint. “Hello Nikul, all our meals are prepared with the highest quality standards in mind. Please send us your flight details via DM so we can investigate and resolve the matter as soon as possible. Thank you,” Air Vistara user wrote in a quick response.



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