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‘Pilots On Food Stamps’ Highlights

There are careers that are considered to be high in terms of value for what they can pay. A piloting career is one of the most lucrative and it attracts thousands, even though only a few make it. Ask any child what they wish to be when they grow up and a pilot will be the answer for most of them. However, the grass is not always greener as it looks in the piloting world.

This is a revelation that has been made thanks to the book ‘Pilots on Food Stamps-An Inside Look at Why Your Flight Got Cancelled”. It is a book that is authored by Ben Mandell.

The Book

This book is a compilation of the true life experiences of a commercial pilot Ben Mandell. It goes to tell why there is a shortage of pilots in the United States, thus leaving many with cancelled flights. He uses his true pilot wages and time lines to clearly demonstrate how lots of flights get cancelled leaving the passengers with very few options. Airlines make billions in profits, but the taxpayer ends up paying for food stamps that airline pilots qualify to get. It might look like a joke considering how high the piloting career is held by many. Food stamps are not what you would expect a pilot to qualify for after years of extensive training and money spent on education. It is a career that should definitely pay better than it is.

Contrary to what many think, even with their attractive pressed suits and the important roles they play in handling hundreds of passengers, pilots do not enjoy admirable salaries. For this reason, more pilots are quitting the career and others steering off it for better career options. This is what has led to the shortage of qualified pilots; hence, airlines do not have enough numbers to accommodate the number of flights. The book is like an eye opener on the current crisis the nation is facing. Paying pilots only for actual flight time does not make any sense when reflected on the pay slip considering the amount of duties set for them.

About The Author

Ben Mandell, the author of this interesting book is a commercial pilot. He is also a leader within the aviation industry and has pushed for laws that protect consumers so that pre-paid flight school student tuition is protected safely. He has stood before government commissions to testify on the flight training industry to try to make things better. He has an excellent understanding of the aviation industry pieces and how they fit, making the book a good read for anyone. He plays an instrumental role in helping pilots and other aviation employees, regardless of their job levels in the industry.

Ben is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all people playing a part in the aviation industry. This is clear in the book directed at keeping the piloting career in check for any pilot by stating off the bad guys. This book makes a good read even for those not interested in joining the aviation industry.

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