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Stairs of NDT Training in Air Transport

The term NDT training is quite varied and includes inspection of power plant, aircraft, and other components of the aircraft industry. The successful completion of the inspection depends upon skill, experience and performance of the caption or individual involved in it. He is the maker of the project. Adaptability of the particular factor is another factor involved in the process of testing.

There are stairs involved as well in the NDT testing. There are different levels which are in the line to be completed. There are other formalities involved as well. These things involve the permission of Federal Aviation Administration as to which method has to be used in the inspection conducted. All the requirements are mentioned in manufacturer’s inspection and overhaul manual. In the cases of difficulties, you can also use an alternative method of the NDT training. These alternative methods are under the scrutiny of FAA certified several repair stations which come under the title 14 of CRF par 145 (Code of Federal Regulations).

Before we leap off to the part 145, take a look at the part 43. It has all the techniques, practices and methods involved in the testing procedure for the continual of airworthiness. At times, the material, tools, equipments, test apparatus which are to be used further are mentioned in the manual which comply with the industry practices. If, in any case, they are mentioned, they have to be used compulsorily.

Specifically, the Air Transport Association has particular guidelines available for the NDT training. There are three particular levels for gaining the welder certification. First of these levels include some theoretical classes, vision and color perception test, on the job training, tests of NDT standards and a practical exams by the next level person.

Second levels include possession of FAA Airframe and power plant Mechanic certification, some classes again and further an examination testing all the skills you have learned in classes. Third and the last level have some difficult qualifications like four year engineering degree from a reputed university. This plus a minimum of one year experience in the NDT which should be comparable to level II. If you do not have this, you can replace it with two years of engineering and two years of NDT experience, again comparable to the level II I have already mentioned. You are also eligible if you are having an experience of four years in the NDT Training. Either of the qualifications mentioned above are applicable provided that you are fulfilling all the conditions in the appropriate manner.

Start climbing the stairs of NDT training of Air Transport. I wish you all the best.

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