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Student Plane Tickets

To get student plane tickets, first and foremost check, compare and shop around for both student tickets and regular cheap tickets. We strongly suggest checking out the regular travel deals and comparing them with the offer that they are selling for students. Sometimes the fares sold to naive students are, though discounted, may be higher than the ones being offered to students.

Check with the airlines. Sometimes they too offer discounts for students. Continental Airlines for example, launched a frequent flyer program for students. It is a great way to obtain airline tickets for those who travel often during spring, winter and summer breaks.

Discounts for students can significantly reduce the price of an air ticket, but they never reach the low level of the base fare, the bottom price an airline must charge to break even.

One must qualify as a student in order to get any student plane tickets. Student ID often is fine for most airlines. And becoming member with student international organizations often helps in discount on airlines tickets and your hostel stays.

Sometimes you can get cheap student plane tickets if you buy them directly from the airline websites. But comparing with other online travel web sites big or small often may help to get the best travel deals.

Many college campuses have a travel agency nearby that caters to students, so you might want to start there as well. Trying all options to get student plane tickets on any airline and to any destinations is a wonderful idea. One can save significant amount of money this way.

Always be flexible in your travel plans – both outbound and inbound travel dates. And sometimes the very time of the day can make a difference in cheap airfares when buying student plane tickets. One must also try alternate airports if that can help save extra dollar.

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