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The AirDeccan Airways


AirDeccan was a humble beginning towards making a strong nexus to the far flung cities around the country. Since its beginning in AirDeccan has achieved the great heights which are unparallel and appreciable. This airway provides numerous services to every Indian and fulfills their dreams to fly high in the sky. Over the years AirDeccan has now become the number 1airlines of India.

This is a low fare airline which is available at reasonable price. The airways also provides with the facility of online booking due to which traveling becomes convenient for the travelers. The airline has positioned itself as the most economical and affordable airline amongst the group of numerous high priced airlines. The AirDeccan tries to cater to all the needs of the travelers at very low rates and promise them a cozy journey to their desired destination. The flight of airDeccan goes to numerous places including Mumbai, Delhi, Goa and others. Their ultimate motive is to provide safe travel at lowest possible fare. AirDeccan stimulates every Indian to fly.

AirDeccan Fleet

AirDeccan has superior quality high end Airbus that are used to provide regular flights and best of services. In totality there are 41 aircraft out of which the AirDeccan fleet consists of 18 Airbus A320, 10 ATR 42-500, ATR 42-320 and 8 ATR 72-500. 6.1 years is the average age of any AirDeccan fleet.

AirDeccan Operations

AirDeccan provides great deal of unique prices from time to time. This is India’s first low rate airline which is available at cheap rates. The airline offers wonderful air prices on domestic air tickets. The airline has seen high growth in past few years. AirDeccan is presently operating flights from all the major cities and their regional destinations. There are flights to Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Lucknow, Kolkata and also covers Vadodra, Ahmadabad, Madurai, Dehradun, Coimbatore, Hubli and many other places.


The booking for AirDeccan can be done online without any hassles.

The affordability promised by AirDeccan makes it the favorite travel airline among the travelers. The availability of the tickets of Deccan Airways is all the year round. The tickets can also be booked at the airlines distribution outlets.

AirDeccan is the first airline which has offered tickets as cheap as Re1/- to Rs 500/-. AirDeccan tickets can also be bought from its call center.

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