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The Economy of Mail Order Brides – Is Now the Time to Consider Foreign Brides?

The economy is awful. Unless you live under a rock or happen to be a Repo man things are pretty gloomy. However, it might be the perfect time to consider looking for love overseas.  First, the price of traveling over there to meet the girl of your dreams is falling fast. Airlines, hotels, and even travel agents are all slashing their rates. In April both Expedia and Oribtiz cut their fee. All of the airlines are offering deals and hotels around the world are desperate to fill their rooms. So, check around and look for deals, and don’t be worried about asking about even better discounts than advertised. 

This is a buyer’s market for all travel related goods and services. Even if you decide to go on a romance tour that many of the larger mail order bride agencies offer try to negotiate a better rate. Usually, the tours from most popular mail order bride agencies, like A Foreign Affair or Elena’s Models, are fully booked and there is not much chance to negotiate, but in this economy it is worth a shot. You’ve got a pretty good chance of getting a better deal or least getting them to throw in some extras or an upgrade. 

This is especially true on tours to the Ukraine or the other international dating hot spots in Eastern Europe, because there is a lot of competition for romance tours in those markets. So, you might take a look at some of the good small agencies like Be Happy Today or Appolinaria, because they are probably really hungry.  You also benefit from the down economy once you reach your destination, because in this economy every good business is desperate to keep the customer happy. You shouldn’t have any problem booking great restaurants, getting good guides, or renting a car almost anywhere.   

Also, the current recession has hit the home countries of many mail order brides even harder than it has hit the United States or Europe, particularly Russia and Ukraine. So, more women have been signing up and perhaps they are more serious about finding a husband from overseas than they would be in a good economy.  Finally, if you do end up going actually marrying a young woman from overseas and bringing her back to the US, the EU, or another Western country you will have a new wife who probably understands the importance of frugality. 

There are numerous studies suggest that marriage is a very positive step for men in both in terms of overall wealth and life expectancy, and this might all be doubly true in this economy. After all, if you are willing to take the risk to find a foreign bride in this economy it shows that you are willing to take control of you life and try to improve your lot. That takes a lot of optimism and the optimism and energy that a beautiful young bride could inject into your life is perhaps even more important. 

Source by Ed Orton



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