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Top 10 Career Options For French Professionals

Learning a foreign language is always helping you and open the doors to job opportunities. Here, I discuss top 10 Career options after learning the French Language.

1. Translator: French is an official language in about 29 countries and spoken by more than 220 million people in this world. After Learning this language, one can make his/her career as a translator. A good translator can translate any document, article, news story or any other media.

2. Interpreter: French is the third most useful language for business. A good Interpreter can interpret French into any other language. In order to communicate or business reasons, Interpreters are required by business professionals in the entire world.

3. Content Writer/Proofreader/Editor: One can make his/her career in writing as well. You can work with lots of newspaper, magazines, publishing houses. Production houses require writers, the scriptwriter. French is ranked sixth most used languages on websites. So, content in the French language is also required by websites owners. In order to proofreading and grammatically correct content Proofreader and Editors are also in high demand.

4. Tour guide: Many tour agencies required French guide for their foreign customers, one can also work as a freelance tourist guide and make good money.

5. Flight Attendant: Aviation industry preferred the staff, who knows more than one foreign language. Knowing French as an additional language can increase your job opportunities as a Flight Attendant, cabin crew or other staff.

6. Resort or hotel staff: You can also seek job opportunities as a hotel or resort staff. Front office, back office, management, waiter, chef and other hotel jobs are waiting for French professionals.

7. Foreign Service: French is an official language of many international organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union, NATO, the WTO, the International Olympic Committee and the ICRC. One can make his/her career as French Consul, ambassador or diplomat. Apart from this, many Non-governmental organizations (NGO) also required French staff.

8. School Teacher: One can also make his/her career as a French Teacher/ Trainer. Most of the schools have French as an additional subject. So, they require expert French Teachers. Language Training institutes also require French Faculties as their training staff.

9. French Voice-over artist: Voice-over artist for French Movies, TV series, cartoons and commercials are required by production houses.

10. Call Centres: Most of the call centers/ BPO/ KPO also required staff for their French Process for dealing with their French Customers.

Source by Muddessir Mahfooz



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