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What Is The Average Salary Of An Aircraft Maintenance Technician?

Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, (AMT’s) perform the crucial function of keeping the aircraft flying fit. After undergoing the AME Course, they undertake the responsibility of keeping the passengers safe and secure. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering has become one of the most attractive Aviation Courses after 10+2 as AME’S are responsible for all inspections on aircraft so as to detect errors even before flying. These professionals team up with aircraft engineers, pilots, part suppliers, aircraft repairmen, security personnel, and aviation managers to keep aircraft in the sky and fly worthy. They are governed by strict regulations and must comply with all of these. AMT ‘s must also follow all relevant regulations related to work performed on aircraft. They have brilliant careers as they can be employed in private as well as the government sectors and the military. Students licensed as AME after passing the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Course and earn about 3 LPA and increase dramatically with experience.

Job Profile of AMT’s:

Aircraft Maintenance and Aircraft Engineering have emerged as an attractive career as the latest aircraft are modern marvels of technology. Equipped with complex mechanisms and a combination of flyby wire avionics, they require constant maintenance due to high power wear and tear. To enable an airplane to be flying fit, AMT’s must perform scheduled maintenance, inspections and carry out repairs. They perform extensive diagnosis of mechanical or electrical problems. Employing state of the art high precision equipment, the AME also measures the wear and tear of such parts. Once they find out the errors, they repair the wings, the engine or any other part of the electrical or avionics. The navigation system is a critical part of the system and is part of their responsibility. They also undertake testing of all critical parts and also inspections after error rectification as they learn in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges.

Employment of aircraft mechanics is found only in those industries related to airlines and aviation including the military. The majority of work is found in the private sector like airlines charter and flying clubs. Being a critical zero error job with little scope for mission failure, it’s a high-stress job with stringent deadlines. Due to its critical nature Aviation Courses after 10+2 and Aircraft Engineering are all overseen by the government. The aspirants need to be complete 10+2 with PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Math) and successfully pass an entrance exam. It’s best to go for a course in AME institute that is DGCA approved and the Best Placement College. The age limit is set at 23 years, though it can be flexible for engineering and science graduates.

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