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Where to Find Ultrasound Technician Schools in Ontario, Canada


Ultrasound is a highly successful field all over Canada and it will probably remain this way for a long, long time. However, ultrasound schools in Ontario are few and hard to find. Let me help you find Ultrasound Technician Training in Ontario, Canada and become a part of this successful field. But first, let me answer a few basic questions.

What is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is an imaging technique that uses high-frequency sound waves reflecting off of internal body parts to create images for medical examination.

It is mostly used to check the baby inside the mother before it is born. It is also used to identify pathologies such as gallstones, kidney stones, cancers, hematomas and tumors.

How much do Ultrasound Technicians near Toronto make?

Ultrasound technicians (aka Ultrasonologists) are the people responsible for operating ultrasound machines that create the digital images used to visualize the internal body parts.

Compared to other branches of medicine, this field is not very competitive in Ontario and an Ultrasonologist working in the Toronto Area now earns an average annual salary of $50,572. Half of those in this position would earn between $40,898 and $76,546 (the 17th and 67th percentiles). These numbers are derived from area-specific government survey data.

So as you can see, it is well paying!

Where Do I Find Ultrasound Technician Schools in Ontario?

Well, you have a few options.

1) If you have the money and the required prerequisites, you can choose to go to an established Ultrasound Institute in Ontario, this can take anywhere from 2-3 years. The costs can be around $2000-4000 per year depending on which University to go to. Due to long waiting lists, you may not find entry easily. The only well-known university offering a Post Diploma Ultrasound program in Ontario is Michener Institute.

So what are your alternatives?

2) The other way, and the one that I suggest is learning Ultrasound from an instructor who has experience teaching Ultrasound but is not necessarily working as part of an Institute. Why do I suggest this? Don’t you have to go to a certified institution? The answer, plain and simple is NO.

As long as you have the right skills, many ultrasound clinics will hire you as a “trainee-ultrasonogist” without requiring any special certification. After working with such clinics for about a year, you will be eligible for writing your ARDMS examination and becoming a licensed ultrasonogist. This process can take as little as 1 year and 4 months of study and as little as $1500 in investment.

Where do I find such an Instructor?

The one that I personally recommend if you are looking for Ultrasound Technician Schools near Toronto is the Mainz Ultrasound Training (located in Mississauga).

UPDATE: Mainz Ultrasound has recently changed their prerequisites to only accept students who already have some ultrasound background.

Why should you choose Mainz Ultrasound? Here’s a few reasons:

1. There are no difficult prerequisites -> Easy admission

2. It is very inexpensive compared to other options

3. The courses are short -> Only 14 weeks to start working in the field

4. It is taught only on weekends -> You can work or study during the week

5. It is taught by an ARDMS certified instructor with 20 years of experience, and almost 1700 successful students.

6. They offer personalized, hands-on, one-on-one training with equipment

7. The classes are small and personalized.

What if I live outside of the Greater Toronto Area?

If you live outside of the GTA, you might want to check out Mohawk College. They have campuses in Hamilton and Brantford, Ontario. Starting fall 2008 and Winter 2009 they have a Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography (also known as Echocardiography) program which will last approximately 54 weeks. You can check out details here [http://www.mohawkcollege.ca/calendar/healthSciences/medTech/DCS.html]. However just like Michener Institute they have long waiting lists for admission.

You can also look for ads for ultrasound technician schools or tuition in your local newspaper in the classifieds section. If you can’t find a place, I suggest going to an ultrasound clinic and talking to the staff members there and asking where they studied ultrasound. Chances are, they can guide you to the right place.

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