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Why Do Men Like Hanes Boxers?

Hanes briefs or boxers are one of the most popular brands of boxer shorts currently available on the market today. They form a large section of the men’s underwear garment section currently available for sale. Every man, from probably the president right down to the ordinary man has worn Hanes briefs or boxers one time or the other in some stage of his life.

All men all over the world love their Hanes boxers. This brand of boxers can be found not only in Europe and North America but also in Asia, and even in Africa. Some men even say that there is a feeling of goodness in Hanes underwear. Hanes boxers are so popular that there is even a line for boys.

There are many types of Hanes briefs. The most popular of these are the Classic, comfort soft, comfort blend, comfort knit, men’s tartan boxers, tagless knit boxers, and many more combinations. Not surprisingly, they are still going strong in sales with strong market share and performance. If you should ask the question “Why do men prefer Hanes Boxers over other brands?” you would get a myriad of answers all of which though cliché, are absolutely true.

The number one reason attributed to the success of the men’s boxers is the fact that they are soft and do not itch. Hanes boxers compared to other brands have also been found to affordable, sexy, well-fitting and most importantly cheaper if bought in packs. They are also noted for their quality as well.

Most ladies also love various designs and patterns that Hanes briefs and boxers come in, as they make very good but affordable presents for their husbands on special occasions like Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and others. In fact some women have been known to wear Hanes boxers due to comfortability and easy of wear and wash.

What makes Hanes briefs cheaper than their competitors is the large customer base they have. Because of this, Hanes is able to offer their products at wholesale products mostly to departmental stores at large volumes thereby undercutting other competitors. Consequently, the consumers are able to enjoy the savings.

Hanes boxers can easily be found in all the major retail shops like Macy’s, Wal-Mart and even large pharmacies like Walgreens. Major online market places carry this particular brand as well. With the advent of online commerce, it is easy to know that your boxers are only a punch away.

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