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Why Should You Pursue a Flight Instructor Career?

There are different ways in which you can make a career in the aviation industry. One of the most popular options is to be a commercial pilot. However, there are many students who have gotten their certificates as commercial pilots but still choose to try out flight instructor courses. There are many reasons as to why a pilot may choose to become an instructor instead and they include:


This is one of the reasons as to why someone may choose this path. Being a commercial pilot is coveted but most airlines need someone with great experience before they consider hiring them. If you are an international student, then being a flight instructor will give you the chance to gain some experience so as to get to the ultimate goal of being a pilot.

Some independence

If you become an instructor, you have some options available. You can work at an institution or you can create your own flight program. This is a good option when you want some level of independence. There are many chances that the business will flourish greatly and become a success.

For the love of teaching

Teaching comes with great rewards, especially when you are passionate about it. This is one of the things that instructors enjoy most. The chance to impart knowledge is one of the best things. When you see a student clasp the basics and then take off, it is exhilarating. Being responsible for someone else’s education is a satisfying thing.


If you love a challenge, then this is definitely a career path worth pursuing. The certificate is not that easy and it is something that you will have to work very hard for. Most people within the industry love challenges. Being an instructor will require you to be alert and on the lookout most of the time. There is never a dull moment.


There is a high demand for flight instructors today and this may remain the case for years to come. The airline business seems to be expanding every day and it is due to this reason that many governments are enacting new laws to govern it. Due to the expansion, there is a higher need for pilots and instructors. Being a qualified instructor will definitely give you a high chance of getting a job.


Being a flight comes with its own prestige. When people get to know what you do for a living, they will definitely want to know more about your job. This comes with a great deal of respect from the community. This may not be the main reason to become an instructor, but it is definitely worth mentioning.

Socializing with people

As an instructor, you get a chance to meet people. The people you meet in the career will have a lot in common with you. This is because you all love flying. This will give a chance to deal with domestic and international students learn more about flying. This is your chance to influence people’s future within the aviation industry in a positive way.

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